Koorsen Fire Museum

Today’s fire protection is very different from that of decades past, and we’d be happy to show you just how different.

Step into the Koorsen Fire Museum and step back into a time when fires were fought with buckets and “water grenades.” Take in leather “smoke helmets,” an “Antifyre Pistol,” and an extensive collection of fire extinguishers dating back to 1789.

Randy Koorsen has been collecting equipment, advertising, and other pieces of fire-protection history for decades, and from around the country. Now he has opened his collection to the public.

Check out the ways fire protection has evolved—come to Koorsen headquarters to visit our Fire Museum. The museum is open by appointment only, so click here to schedule.

We’ve been around through a lot of the change you see within this collection, and we’re delighted to share our knowledge.