Koorsen In The Community: Kasey Program


There’s no such thing as “too early” for teaching fire safety. That’s why we’re the primary sponsor of the Kasey Program, which takes an entertaining approach to bringing life-saving skills to a wide range of audiences, including community events, nursing homes, and students from preschool to grade 6.

Program founder and professional fire fighter/paramedic (and Koorsen Fire & Security employee) Jeff Owens sings and plays guitar while Kasey, a black Labrador, demonstrates fire safety tips. It’s a memorable and fun way to bring critical information to children.

Jeff started the Kasey Program in 1995 and each year performs with Kasey approximately 400 times and in front of nearly 400,000 people. Kasey goes even further, moonlighting with MC Axe and the Fire Crew. Find out more at mcaxeandkasey.com.

To find out more about the Kasey Program or to schedule an appearance by Jeff and Kasey, contact:

Jeff Owens
Public Education Coordinator
Koorsen Fire & Security
2719 North Arlington Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46218